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Filters 4 US product Warranty Policy

Filters 4 US provide lifetime warranty on our twin system model 8002 & triple system model 8003

We guarantee to install & service your water filter system using high-standard quality.

All water filter Systems must be maintained by filters 4 us technicians every 11-12 months.

Disconnecting andA reinstalling a filters 4 us water filter systems must be done by a filters 4 us technichan or qualified plumber.

Filter 4 us must be notified of Any change of address & phone numbers.


To keep your filter working properly, regular maintenance is required. Our maintenance only requires cartridge replacements.

We will remind you when your water filter is due for cartridge replacements.

Free of charge service includes sterilizing of housings, flushing your water filter & a full check up of your system & faucet when customers purchase cartridge replacements from us.

We have a highly skilled team of installers and service technicians that are committed and have been specially trained to deliver high quality personal service.